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(Sapindaceae, 2n = 30) 2.1.1 Names: Scientific: Dimocarpus longan Lour. Euphoria longana Lamk., Nephelium longana Cambess, Euphoria morigera Gagnes., and Euphoria scandens Winit & Kerr.) Vernacular: 2.1.2 General: Longan is a sub-tropical fruit in the family Sapindaceae and a prolific bearer thriving in monsoonal regions (pronounced wet and dry seasons).

While lychee has both a sweet and sour taste with a pleasing aroma, longan has only sweet with no sour taste and very little aroma.

This procedure involves taking a slice graft from a rootstock grown in a plastic bag and splice grafting on to the branch of the mother tree.

The graft is bound with tape until the graft takes; this may take two to four months depending on the weather.

In the south, the popular cultivars are ‘ Nhan Long’ and ‘ Tieu Da Bo’; both have large fruits (80 to 90 fruits/kg). Longan cultivars in Vietnam with their fruit size and location of cultivation * Data not available 2.1.8 Propagation: Longan is normally propagated by marcotting (air layering) and the root development is lengthy.

Recently, many cultivars were introduced from other countries and are undergoing cultivar trials. Layering can be done at the beginning of the rainy season with the marcots remaining on the mother plant for four to five months.

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