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Unlike a true deepfake video, the results from a single or small number of images end up fudging fine details.

For example, a fake of Marilyn Monroe in the Samsung lab's demo video missed the icon's famous mole.

A Samsung artificial intelligence lab in Russia developed the technology, which was detailed in a paper earlier this week.

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But deepfake technology can also be insidious, such as when it's used to graft an unsuspecting person's face into explicit adult movies, a technique sometimes used in revenge porn.

The technology, of course, can be used for fun, like bringing a classic portrait to life.

The Mona Lisa, which exists solely as a single still image, is animated in three different clips to demonstrate the new technology.

In the box to the right, you can adjust and crop to your linking.

Click the blue “Use as profile picture” button and bam, you’re celebrating Greek Independence week with the blue and white waving in your profile picture for all your Facebook friends to see.

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