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"A celebrity knows someone's going to spill the beans, so they probably figure, How can I embrace this? The Internet lets the world know every detail about you instantly, true or not. People ultimately have more respect for you if you own up to your problems." For Marc Jacobs it was nothing less than showing the world it's okay to be fallible.

"Marc is one person who's not embarrassed about his recovery," says his dear friend Amanda de Cadenet, who was in touch by phone or in person with the designer throughout his stay at Passages.

"All that pressure to make a club hot by celebrity validation — I'm not going to say that any of us involved in nightlife weren't part of the problem. Maybe it's the gardeners for not planting higher vegetation.

That would be obnoxious," now admits Amanda Scheer Demme, the nightlife queen who raised the profile of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and its bold-faced boîte she managed, Teddy's, with its parade of A-list actors, fashion designers, and rock stars. Like many, Chloë Sevigny — who acted in Bazaar's feature — admits cynicism about the state of celebrity rehabs."I wonder if some of these facilities say, 'Maybe we'll shave off some of the price if you endorse us.' I don't know for sure this happens." But there's another more probable reality, she concedes, to why a famous addict might come clean to the public.

Clinics letting a famous client take a press interview "is nonsense. It may even be negative by giving unrealistic expectations of the process.

Researchers at Yale University have found it can take at least 90 sober days for normal analytical function and decision making in the brain's prefrontal cortex to start reengaging. The celebrity client who positions herself in full media view?

(Needless to say, it's a challenge to meet that time line when life is a swirl of parties and premieres, all with a bottomless bar, courtesy of an alcohol sponsor.) Even where minors are given access, the chance to abuse is heightened when a famous minor is given the VIP treatment. Like other clubs, we were legally allowed to let them into Teddy's because of the food license. Or is it the facility — with monthly fees reportedly in excess of ,000, among the steeper in the luxe-rehab market — for not erecting a privacy wall?

"I do hear it can be very hard for a lot of actors to get insured to work unless they can prove they're sober.

Talking to the press, asking for forgiveness or sympathy, in a way, might be something they have to do to maintain their persona, their careers." Besides, adds Sevigny, "those more fancy places might just be what someone with a more fancy lifestyle might feel he needs.

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