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The show deals with many realistic problems that teenagers encounter (eg., cutting, homosexuality, death, dating, drinking, abuse, rape, etc) and how they deal it.

I tried getting into this show, but I just couldn't stay interested in any of the characters or story lines.

Sara Snow is also credited as an executive producer.

David Lowe was the producer, and Stephanie Cohen the supervising producer.

In the United States, the season began on 10 October 2008 and aired in its usual timeslot on Fridays at p.m. Unlike seasons six and seven, which premiered in the US, "Uptown Girl Part One", this season's premiere episode, was broadcast in Canada first, Season eight was produced by Epitome Pictures in association with CTV.Calgary Herald and National Post writer Michael Morrison said Paula Brancati "has become my favorite Canadian actress", admiring her ability to play two different characters on two different series – Jane Vaugn on Degrassi: The Next Generation and Jenny on Being Erica – with an age difference of about thirteen years, and in playing Jane, a character who is the victim of child molestation "[it] is never an easy thing for an actor to portray, but Brancati does it convincingly." Melinda Shankar's portrayal of a first-generation Canadian whose family comes from India was acknowledged, as her character struggles to deal with the culture clash of acting, dressing and dating who she likes, against her conservative parents' wishes.At After, a magazine a website that focuses on the portrayal of bisexual and homosexual men in the media, was critical that the sexuality of new character Riley, played by Argiris Karras, has so far been through the eyes of Peter Stone, Riley's unrequited love interest, and that the storyline served only to advance Peter's character.But trouble is in paradise when Mia learns the dark side of the modeling world.Meanwhile, Emma has trouble adjusting from high school to college when Manny and Liberty seem to be moving on without her. Mia's life begins to spiral out of control when her growing modeling career comes in the way of her schoolwork, her friends, and a potential relationship with Danny. in their gifted class and forms an unexpected friendship with him.

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