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What else can be interesting for those searching a single man from Austria?The most famous Austrian dish – Viennese Schnitzel – is popular all over the world, just as their apple strudel.Austrians tend to be somewhat more concerned about privacy than many other countries, and this is reflected in many laws.You'll also find most users prefer to remain anonymous for longer.Preparing puff paste for strudel requires great skills and patience: paste should be thin as tissue paper and tender to melt in your mouth.

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Ok Cupid is now popular with an international, possibly more educated set.

Dating sites' operators vary too - from giant German publishing houses and newspaper groups to tiny start-ups.

In Austria, more than half of the population report being comfortable with using online dating to find a mate, and roughly half of Austria's singles have reportedly done so.

In Austria, a girl will never accept anything expensive from a single man, if she can’t give her partner a present of the same value.

Otherwise, Austrians will consider such a situation as an attempt to buy the person.

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