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Some instruments, mostly from the 1920's, have either a star ("*") or the letter "B" stamped near the serial number.

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In 1907 he built an Immensaphone, the largest horn in the world. The Conn factory also built the world's largest drum, a slide tuba to make noises like a ship's warning whistle, tenor tubas for the jackass role in Strauss' Don Juan, and a saxophone for one-armed musician Al Miller. During the Korean War part of the facilities was converted to defense production, and Conn achieved another record in precision manufacturing. Conn French horns, for example, have been the horn of choice for the Hollywood film industry for most of the 20th Century. Today's best trumpet players are discovering the break-through performance with Vintage One trumpets.Many of today's most preferred instruments owe their original success to Conn's innovation. These innovative designs, enhanced by superior craftsmanship and technological breakthroughs, have provided today's musicians with the superior instrument performance.Trumpet Serial Number Lookup Bach Stradivarius Trumpet 37 Serial Numbers Selmer Bach Trumpet Serial Numbers Bach Trumpet Serial Number Search Bach Strad Trumpet Serial Numbers Bach Trumpets Models To Avoid Bach Stradivarius 37 Serial Numbers Bach Trumpet Serial Number Lookup #1 Bob Ferguson 7 September, 2013, .Serial numbers with a "V" engraved after the serial number are factory seconds.Note: From 1987 on, the two-digit prefix number plus 50 will give you the year of manufacture on all Conn products.

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