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I mean bitches." -Melissa from "Restaurant mistress". I think the baboons need some new chew toys." - Kyra from "A day at the zoo".When the guy is done fucking her face, he pulls back, shoots his load of cum right into her mouth.Like a woman on her knees for a real man, she swallows his cum and shows you her empty used mouth.

I groaned as I did so with the pain but she simply shouted “TIGHTER” at me and I dutifully did as I was told. “More” So I slathered it on and waited while she sat smirking at me and I awaited the inevitable. I will use my feet and crush you That is just a small taste of what a live cbt webcam session can be like.

The things they make you do can be terrifying but oh so exciting to subs and sissies.

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The slave must suffer if his Mistress wants to abuse her cock.

And that is the predicament I find myself in with Mistress X.

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