Being so accomodating

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But as we moved further into the relationship, we realized that we were not on the same page; our love was not being reciprocated.At that point, we launched a personal campaign to win over this person’s heart, no matter what the cost.Finally, I suggested that I either switch seats with one of them or they respect my personal space and stop passing things over me and talking over me.

Recently, I was on a flight and got stuck in the middle of a row.

When you accommodate others, you're a victim as a result--no matter how insignificant the situation--and you create a victim pattern.

If you can't stand your ground with small stuff, you'll be crushed when major events come your way, e.g., instead of quitting a lame job and going after what you want, you'll accommodate the boss, taking the path of least resistance.

In this manner, your entire life passes you by with you wondering what happened.

From an early age we're taught to accommodate others at the expense of ourselves.

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