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Because there is so much to do in Canada, there are some great ways to meet new people and prospective singles beyond the usual dating apps.

You could take a class, join a Meet Up, try a new activity or go to an event.

The following tips will help with your quest for love in your new home.

Here are 10 things to keep in mind when dating in Canada!

Canadians are renowned all over the world for being friendly, polite and laidback.

You might be rejected at times but it will be done very kindly, so don’t be afraid of putting yourself out there.

According to their tastebuds, maple syrup goes with most things and it has a special place in their hearts but it has to be the good stuff from a tree.

Best of all, you pay no money whatsoever at the Free Canadian Dating Site, it really is totally free for everything. Browse single Canadians and meet new friends today!

In major cities and even rural towns you will meet citizens from all over the world.

Multiculturalism has flourished in Canada and contributes to the local scene in a big way.

Put an effort into researching local offerings when it comes to unique ideas for dates.

The best thing about looking for a date in Canada is being surrounded by great people.

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