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What happens next will be dictated by which channel we're using.Sounds like either sex discrimination or a double standard here.If you look at the back plate of the amp it should tell you where it was made. Fender now uses the serial number on the back panel to date their amps.

While I've heard evidence to support this, I haven't officially heard it yet from a Fender representative. In conclusion, we've shown that all the preamp tubes are interconnected in the circuit, and switching one tube will affect the tone of all channels.If three digits are present, the first digit would refer to the year i.This means more hiss, buzz, and mechanical noise will be amplified through the speaker. The reverb circuit and the effects loop are solid state.Anything that doesn't require cracking open the chassis.Previously, a blonde version of the Blues Junior was available for a year or more. Other countries may have different warranty requirements.

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