Creating or updating a dns delegation

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A subdomain is technically defined as when you assign a different section of name servers for part of a domain. Creating “sub.” on a different group of name servers than “” would be creation of a subdomain.

In contrast, “ is a record with the name of “www” within the domain “”.

Each name server host name must end in a dot (.) to keep your domain name from being appended to the end.

creating or updating a dns delegation-40

The resource record information of the new DNS zone will be stored in a DNS server, which will be the primary master for that zone.This domain has its DNS zone which hosts all the DNS records for it. The DNS gives you the option to separate the namespace into different DNS zones.You can seve them, copy them or distribute it to other DNS servers.You would create a subdomain for “sub.” rather than a record if for example, “sub.” will be assigned to different name servers than “” We will create the subdomain “” as a subdomain of the root domain “” and delegate it to the name servers ns0-ns4.Create additional NS records that delegate “sub” to each of the name servers it will be assigned.

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