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In it, you assume the role of a preteen boy tasked with completing his daily paper route. This is the first time I’ve told anyone this story, and it may be the last, because they’ve found me. I was a 15 year old who lived in a small town mainly dominated by church goers and elderly couples who didn’t... Sometimes in life, you have certain experiences that completely twist your perspective of reality.

Things that you think could only happen in pure fantasy turn out to be the most sobering truths ever to hit you. A few months ago I was busy preparing to move to a new house when I came across something from my past.

Aja Romano, writing for the Daily Dot, stated that Ted the Caver was arguably the earliest example of creepypasta.

Many players of the evil persuasion know that you can kill Three Dog and he will be replaced by the technician Margaret. It’s not something whispered about in certain circles, it’s not something that comes in a plain-looking jewel case, it’s not by a nameless untraceable developer… The game in question is indeed called The Theatre (r before e), and was developed...The websites created a permanent archive of creepypasta, which profoundly impacted the genre.Many authors started using creepypasta characters in their own stories, which resulted in the development of continuities encompassing numerous works.In a final blog post, Ted writes that he and his companions would be bringing a gun into the cave after experiencing a series of nightmares and hallucinations.The blog has not been updated since the final post.

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