Dating a persian guy

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Another book is A Persian Odyssey: Iran Revisited by Rami Yelda. When you think of a Irani female you think of some exotic lady with from 1001 Arabian nights dancing in veils.

One of my friends whose name is Nader is Persian American. I asked him why, and he said they look like all the women that he knows. People are attracted to spiritual similar and physical dissimilar (not opposites).

Kurdish people in my experience are very noble and honorable.

The book is a little depressing but good for awareness.

My post is a little non sequitur as I wanted to cover a lot of information, but all relevant and of value for if you want to know more about these Eurasian women.

These numbers may seem low but these are ethnic Persians who may be slightly different from the 200 million native speakers of the Indo-European language which include Persians , Kurds, Baloch, Lurs and Pashtuns.

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