Dating antique typewriters

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Under the Free Issue Barrel Program, barrels were sent to other prime manufacturers who did not possess the machines to make barrels.It is thought that they made about 1 million barrels from late 1942 to late 1944.Approximately 540,000 M1 Carbines were produced from late 1942 to May of 1944.Underwood also produced M1 Carbine barrels for the US Government.

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Often, Underwood would have a young woman sitting on each of the large keys.In 1945 Wagoner was elected chairman of the board of Underwood, and Leon C. The Underwood name last appeared on Olivetti portable typewriters produced in Spain in the 80s. If you'd like to write to me, please check my FAQ first. Our founder, Charles Gu, first experienced the compelling draw of classic typewriters years ago as he searched for a birthday present for his best friend.After spending many weekends at antique stores and flea markets looking for a Remington portable for her, Charles found he was intrigued by fine old typewriters.

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