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Although there are fee-charging private schools and universities, state funded education in the Czech Republic is free.This includes university study, which is also free providing subjects are delivered in the Czech language.Academic titles such as Doctor or Professor are used at work both as a form of address and in written correspondence, including emails.Meetings are expected to start on time and it is not uncommon for an associate of the decision maker to lead the meeting in the early stages until trust has been established on both sides.Since the fall of communism and the influx of multi-national corporations, the work culture in the main cities of the Czech Republic has gradually shifted in line with western style culture.Initial business meetings are formal affairs with standard business dress worn and business cards exchanged.In September 2016, the Czech Government approved the name of ‘Czechia’ as an English one word alternative for the Czech Republic.

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The Slavonic language of Czech is the primary language, which belongs to the same language group as Slovak, Polish, Russian and Croatian.

The climate is temperate and typical for Central Europe, with warm dry summers and cold winters.

The currency is the Czech Koruna (CZK) and although a member of the European Union, it is not currently a member of the eurozone.

In 2016, the Global Peace Index ranked the Czech Republic as the sixth safest place to live on earth due to the low crime rate and lack of domestic and international conflict.

Typical summer temperatures vary between 20°C to 27°C (70° -80° F) although it’s not unusual for temperatures to reach the mid-30s (around 90°F) in July and August.

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