Dating fender vt bassman cabinet

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Let me say it right away this is not a versatile amp it has basically one sound, and depending on the volume it gets crunchier as you turn it up.This is the deal, put a Les Paul through it and you will sound like Jimmy Page.Also good for funk rhythm with a good on-board compressor.These amps are very reasonably priced, but make sure you also get a service manual as this will confuse many an amp tech once he gets it open.Some Fenderphiles will also want to have their tech upgrade to the Blackface correct solid core cloth covered wire.I will say again, the Blackface are the crowning achievement of Leo Fender Amp legacy. I highly recommend modding the high power Twins and Supers from the late 70’s they have an very desirable headroom, especially when Blackfaced.

Lots of different eq settings were available, which made many guitarists feel (yours truly included) a bit overwhelmed.

I hope you are all winging your way through guitar heaven. It’s another list – this time I have listed what I believe to be the best guitar amplifiers for the money.

Some may be pricey and not for everyone, but I still believe them to be a good deal.

I also very much liked the L5, a 2×12 inch version.

This amp was used by BB King for many years and it sounded great.

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