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Many wonder about the line in the song It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year where it says "There'll be scary ghost stories and tales of the glories of Christmas long, long ago." Some think it odd to have scary stories at Christmas.The reason for this is in England and many of the other old world countries tales of ghost stories are a large part of the Christmas tradition. Come experience a new route where you will learn about some of the traditions of Christmas in the Old World such as Zwarte Piet, Krampus, Perchta, and the legend of the Real St. Hear some spooky ghost stories, visit haunted places and experience Christmas as it is in the Old World only on the Grimm Christmas Tour.

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There are always plenty of events and concerts going on.With the cold weather upon us, some may think it means an end to fun date nights. Winter brings a whole new set of ideas for fun and magical date nights in Utah.Some of these can be done year round, but are more magical during the Winter months.Visit the Grimm Ghost Tours website for complete details.We recently attended a Date Night Workshop at Amber Creek Family Counseling Center, and it was fabulous.

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