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As someone who has spent most of her single life in NYC, and most of her life in NYC dating, I have a lot—probably too much—experience with this topic. ” and, “This guy is getting super angry about my opinions on art. But there are a lot of things that make the attempt to find “the one” (or “one of the ones,” whatever) particularly great, when you live in this metropolis that over 8 million of us call home.

My feelings about dating in this city cycle back and forth between, “I love meeting other ambitious people. Disclosure: I am a heterosexual white woman in her twenties who is currently in a relationship. Y’all are gonna hate-read this article and probably angry-tweet at me.

She says certain places are conducive to meeting new people, whatever your gender and orientation, and shares some favorites cities with Larry Bleiberg for USA TODAY.

Houston Sullivan lived in the Houston area, and says it’s a wonderful place for single women.

The former Eastern bloc city of Budapest welcomes visitors to historic spring-fed baths and "ruin pubs" built in the shell of former derelict buildings.

It attracts travelers from across Europe, making it an easy place to find a date.

“Some of them date on the East Coast and the West Coast because they have homes on both.” But you don’t have to be wealthy to find a date while traveling.

Sullivan says Parisian women have a reputation for being uptight, which makes American women particularly attractive to local men.

“If you walk around a market and look at someone and smile and make eye contact,” a conversation is likely to flow, says Sullivan.

Italian men and women are looking for someone stylish, and a little reserved. “If you’re single and traveling, you want to go to Scottsdale.” New York Sullivan says it’s easy to meet someone in the nation’s biggest city, especially if you’re a guy. They’re not finding men who want to commit, so they’re going out and having fun,” she says.

And with residents from around the world, the variety of potential partners is astounding, she says.

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