Dating with dogs

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Studies have shown that dog owners tend to be more social and outgoing than cat owners.Just because your main squeeze owns a dog doesn’t mean they are tethered to them 24/7.You can filter by whether or not you want to date someone who currently has a dog and/or wants one eventually.

In fact, they probably expect the same devotion already! –maybe you’ve finally found someone you think could be “the one.” They’re smart, funny, have a great smile–and they happen to have a dog.Dating a dog owner is one of the best things in the world, in my unbiased opinion. This person has already committed to owning and caring for another living creature for the next ten to 15 years of their life.No matter what trouble their dog gets into, they still love them unconditionally.In a not-so-strange coincidence, this ability to love unconditionally will make its way into your relationship, as well.

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