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In fact, I am such a fan, I bought all the seasons and watch one or two episodes on a regular basis.

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Yes, Leonard and Penny are complete opposites in just about every way from their IQs and drinking habits, to how they love to spend their free time. I got married in my late teens only to get divorced in my early 20s.

Sometimes things that other couples would consider to be red flags are forgotten about, while other, smaller issues explode into arguments.

With the announcement that the show will be ending after this season, it is time to look back at their relationship and try to make sense of some nonsense.

“First of all, that’s one of my favorite Leonard lines ever, ‘I know I propose a lot,’ Galecki said in the video below.

“His solution is to say, ‘I’m not gonna ask, I’m gonna take my desires out of the equation’…which I thought was really beautiful.”“I loved that scene, Galecki said.

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