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A few years into e-Cyrano, Evan expanded his services to accommodate their needs in the form of date coaching.

By 2010, he had noticed that, while men seemed to need more help with dating, women were more likely to ask for the help.

He has seen it firsthand in his own life when, after 300 or so dates, he found his wife, a woman he describes as his North Star, and it was a completely different relationship than what he had previously experienced.

Evan draws inspiration from his own life, what he knows to be true about men, and the responses he’s received from his millions of blog readers and thousands of clients to create the kind of content that helps women find happiness in themselves and therefore their relationships.

This is why compatibility is so important, and arguably more so than chemistry.

Chemistry will make for great memories and amazing high’s, but compatibility will carry you through the years.

A CEO — in Evan’s terminology — operates from a place of confidence and abundance.

Your key slides into the lock, and you turn it to let yourself in.

Flicking on the lights and moving toward the couch, you slump down in the usual huff that follows another first and last date with a man who just isn’t right for you.

After hundreds of dates and multiple tweaks to his own approach to online dating, Evan felt he could provide real help to JDate users.

On call after call, Evan realized the problems people were experiencing were not always what they seemed.

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