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Clement Mary Hofbauer School in Rosedale and The Catholic High School of Baltimore.She studied mass communication from Towson University.said on 17/Oct/11geoff brother is 181cm , geoff was always great 7cm taller. rob listing here is like giving him moring height The Break Up geoff look not much shorter than 6'4 vince vaughn said on 11/Dec/08"Jason says on 18/May/07More likely Stacy Keibler isn't 5'11''."Yes, a lot more like it, lol...Plus, it's a known fact that a lot of pro heights are falsified.

said on 3/Sep/06kobe is definately 6'5 at the most but i am willing to bet he is about 6'4 1/2 because my best friend is 6'4 and when he met brynt in person he was no taller than my friend. micheal jordan is about 6'4 1/2 said on 28/Jul/06Kobe Bryant is 6'5.5 he said so before an award show about 3 yrs ago. Bruce Pryor Distant-Relative of the [Late]famed Richard Pryor said on 9/May/06No way is Kobe 6'7 with shoes.Atually Geoff Stults comfortably look 6'3 with michael clarke duncan and 6'0 bryan greenberg.There is no surprise if he was taller than few solid 6'2 plus guys like dax shepard , will arnett or brandon routh Click Here Click Here Click Here said on 14/Jan/17There's an episode of How I met your Mother (season 6, episode 5: architect of destruction, happens in the last sixty seconds of the episode), where he and Jason Segway are barefoot in a locker room together.6'2.5 is fine, but do you think 6'2.75 is possible?He didn't look much shorter than Jason Segel on HIMYM, and in 'The Finder' with 6'4.25 Michael Clarke Duncan, he didn't look much more than 1.5in shorter than him.

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