Girl forgets to turn off camera sexy

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Never do these survey pages, and never download anything from these links – you will get nothing in return apart a virus or some sort of malware.

If you have clicked this, make sure you remove it from your Facebook wall and warn all of your friends that it is bogus.

After she had turned off the webcam (she thought), she start typing on keyboard and searching for website (), and proceeds to start her ‘new game’.

Watch how she enjoy her little moment: However, there’s been a lot of argument about whether or not this was a genuine mistake, or only a tactic to boost her own popularity.

If you’ve gone further; scan your computer and maybe even change your password to be on the safe side.

Always be wary of links that offer something free or sexy or is popular – always check with your friend to see if they meant to send that link.

The gamer, who goes by the name Joe Daddy505, accidentally streamed the content to thousands of followers who could hear Ortega calling the woman a barrage of profanities as the woman screams for help and says “you’re raping me.” Though the police have thousands of witnesses and the 5-minute-long audio recording, no charges have been filed against Ortega because no victim has come forward.

reports that popular online gamer Joe Ortega, known as Joe Daddy505, accidentally left his audio live stream on as he assaulted and potentially raped a woman in the background.

The woman can be heard screaming, crying, and asking Ortega to “get off.” However, in the audio, Ortega tells the woman, “‘You’re a w***e. Many have speculated that the muffled sounds indicate the woman’s mouth was covered during at least a portion of the alleged attack.

As a result, many are taking to social media to demand that the police take action given the evidence at hand.

Do you think the police should be able to press charges even if the girlfriend does not come forward given the nature of the audio recording?

The name of each document was a month followed by a year, starting on “February, 2012” and ending with “January, 2014.” The computer itself was from the mid-2000s at the latest.

If my girlfriend’s condo complex hadn’t been so upscale, that fact wouldn’t have bothered me so much.

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