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Subscriber.unsubscribed Publications#4f2252b203194e5a0103195114600001]@4000000042546b350354515c ,053 DEBUG Session Impl:2984 - uninitialized collection: [email protected] ,055 DEBUG Loader:197 - processing result [email protected] ,057 DEBUG Loader:405 - result row:@4000000042546b3503adcf84 ,059 DEBUG String Type:68 - returning '4f2252b203194e5a0103195114600001' as column: [email protected] ,061 DEBUG Loader:292 - found row of collection: [com.wrinkledog.phydeaux.model.Subscriber.unsubscribed Publications#4f2252b203194e5a0103195114600001]@4000000042546b3503e60624 ,062 DEBUG Session Impl:3007 - reading [email protected] ,064 DEBUG Long Type:68 - returning '4' as column: [email protected] ,067 DEBUG Session Impl:1950 - loading [com.wrinkledog.phydeaux.model.

When I update an object, do I use Flush or Save Or Update?Non Unique Object Exception: a different object with the same identifier value was already associated with the session: 4, of class: com.wrinkledog.phydeaux.model.Publication Of course, if I comment out the call to save Or Update(publication), then I get lazy Initialization Exception (if the publication is not yet in either of the Subscribers' Sets).*/@4000000042546b3501d6256c ,027 DEBUG Session Impl:3218 - initializing collection [com.wrinkledog.phydeaux.model.Subscriber.unsubscribed Publications#4f2252b203194e5a0103195114600001]@4000000042546b35027130d4 ,030 DEBUG Session Impl:3219 - checking second-level [email protected] ,040 DEBUG Session Impl:3225 - collection not [email protected] ,042 DEBUG Batcher Impl:196 - about to open: 0 open Prepared Statements, 0 open Result [email protected] ,044 DEBUG SQL:237 - select unsubscrib0_.publication_id as publicat2___, unsubscrib0_.subscriber_id as subscrib1___ from optout unsubscrib0_ where unsubscrib0_.subscriber_id=?

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