Illicit relationships dating

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But what pushes someone from merely thinking about forbidden love to actually engaging in it? Sometimes it’s motivated by a desire for revenge or by a streak of rebellion or a bout of feeling really low.

Most often, though, a palpable carnal chemistry that ultimately proves irresistible can overwhelm even the most prudent among us with a breathtaking swiftness.

Scripture calls Christians to “flee” from sexual immorality (1 Corinthians ), not to “see how difficult we can make the temptation and still prevail” or to “see how close to the line we can get without sinning.” In my view, Scripture teaches clearly that there is to be romantic physical intimacy outside of marriage.

No reasonable person would argue that physical temptation does not increase — a lot — the longer two people date who are attracted to each other and who grow to love each other.

Why have sex with just your husband when you can also have it with his best friend – or even his mistress?

You’ll read about preachers who provide solace of the sexual kind and babysitters who look after more than just your children.

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I also believe that this recommendation applies with equal force to single men and women in college.

Some of the sexual partners in these stories are illicit soul-mates – and some are selfish psychos.

Who knew there was so much forbidden love to be had?

Many of us merely dip our baby toe into this realm – perhaps by Googling the names of old lovers to see what they look like now, years later, while our spouse watches television in another room.

Or we spy on an alluring married co-worker by studying his Facebook page to learn as much as we can about him.

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