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But I’m pleased with the decision I made and I definitely think it helped me, just looking at the game thus far.

For much more from Jenna and Michael, including my full interviews, please listen to the latest episode of the Film Survivor Podcast below or by clicking here.

I’m so, so happy and grateful that I got to play the game. It’s just been really nice having the Survivor community, which I’ve been a part of and a fan of for so long, you know it really is just full-circle for me as a fan and I just couldn’t be more thankful and pleased.

On lying about his age: Michael: You know, it’s a hard call.

The big blow to many viewers this week was that Michael Yerger also saw his torch get snuffed.

Michael was a stand-out from the minute he stepped foot on the beaches of Fiji, and if there was ever a young man who was capable of lying-up about his age, it was him.

The first one to go this week was Jenna Bowman, who started the game on the Malolo tribe and whose game fully epitomizes this season’s “curse” theme.

Constantly back-pedaling, Jenna was given scant screen-time throughout much of the season, and never really had a chance to get a foothold in the game due to constantly being in the minority alliance.

Or they could just not take me seriously and think that I’m just naive to a sense.

So I just wanted to clear the table immediately, and just keep that on the back-burner and use it if I needed to.

I didn’t know what the cast was like, I didn’t know how they’d feel, or if they’d feel insulted, I just had to judge that and if I had made it to Final Tribal I still wouldn’t even be able to tell you right now what I would have done, whether I would have revealed it or would have maintained that lie.

It wasn’t like the others didn’t know this: Michael received 15 votes – and played two Idols – along the way, before finally losing out due to what could be called more bad luck, when he was selected yet again to be in the minority alliance at a Tribal.

Bad news for him: His last Tribal Council in the game put him on the same tribe as Dom and Wendell, two Survivor sharp-shooters who were not going to miss out at their chance to take out one of the game’s biggest targets.

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