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“He was rubbing her knee all night — they definitely looked like a couple,” Brian tells In Touch.Honestly, in a dark a jazz club, I could totally mistake Selita for Kim.Kim’s face is much more cat-like at this point, but Selita’s got something weird happening too.Plus, it’s not like Kanye is actually sleeping with any of these women, right? IT SEEMS THEY'RE ALL AFTER YOUR MONEY, FROM THAT SUPER UGLY ESTELLE, TO THIS SELITA, TO THAT RIHANNA WHOSE LINING YOU UP TO USE WHEN SHE USES CHRIS UP. Yes, I happens a lot and is a peeve of mine as well.

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Also, Kanye and Kim totally make sense as BFFs rather than boyfriend-and-girlfriend, right?

“Before that day I met you I didn’t know what true love meant, but angels are for loving and you are heaven sent” – Charles Wiles #Soon2be Mrs.

🥰✨ Love you @brianamlani #He Put ARingon It #Lookat God #blessed A post shared by Selita (@selitaebanks) on Falling in Love with you was easy…

Dating 3 guys in a year and a half is not slutty just because the guys are famous.

When people are in the public eye everything is amplified to the 10th degree.

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