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Kenyan women are one of the most beautiful princess from African continent.

Nationality has rich culture and society reach many evolutions in the past which brings lot of changes into both gender roles.

She credits the Freddie Hendricks Youth Ensemble of Atlanta, a theater company founded by a jazz trumpeter, for saving her."I saw what the arts and genuine love did for me as a survivor, and I wanted to do it for more girls," said Richardson."It built up so much self confidence in me. model Cameron Russell – who gave a notorious TED talk called "Looks aren't everything" where she changed from a black micro dress into a long floral skirt to show the power that image has over our lives – and Morley, a New York singer-songwriter who has performed with Sheryl Crow.

It was just a really free space, full of a love that none of us had ever had before, and so it really just changed my life."Art and Abolition ran its first camp in August – a week of music, dance, drama, and visual arts – culminating in a performance. But her work comes at a cost, and Richardson has managed to garner the support of a dozen artists and activists in New York, who are holding fundraisers for Art and Abolition this month. Richardson said it was heartbreaking that in Sinai's fetid alleys, most of the girls' mothers were alcoholic sex workers.

So when one of her mother's drunken customers, in the one-room drinking den that doubles as their home in Nairobi, offered her a boiled egg in exchange for sex, she agreed.

Brittanie Richardson, a 27-year-old American campaigning against the child sex trade in Kenya, witnessed the act during a routine visit to meet the family and felt powerless to act."The room was full of people: men, women, the mum is there, the sister.

It was one of those things where you felt you should try and be the knight in shining armor and just grab the kid," Richardson told the Thomson Reuters Foundation."But I kept reminding myself, I could snatch this kid right now and then be this enemy in this community or I can sit and make relationships.

Richardson said she no longer judged women who sold their children after her work in Kenya."After I hear their stories, and I get to know these women, I realize that they really are not different to us at all.

I probably would have done it too," she said.(Reporting by Katy Migiro, Editing by Belinda Goldsmith)• This article originally appeared at Thomson Reuters Foundation, a source of news, information, and connections for action.

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