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She has two or three helpers who relieve her on some afternoons but there is little money to hire help.“Each day Koko and I talk about the things she has learned,” Miss Patterson said.“I teach her new vocabulary and do regular intelligence testing and sampling of her utterances. Her full name is Hannabi‐Ko, which in Japanese means fireworks child. For the last two years Miss Patterson's research has been supported by the Spencer Foundation. She makes a variety of unvoiced sounds—a kissing noise, a sipping noise, a blasting noise and a huffing noise.” Koko initiated these sounds.

Koko now stands nearly three feet tall when she is stretching and weighs 76 pounds.

When Koko wants attention, Miss Patterson said, she grabs the phone off the hook, gets into the soap closet or opens the refrigerator and steals her favorite food—which is presently loquats.

An adventurous epicure, Koko eats almost any vegetable matter put before her.

On walks, she strips tidbits from the local trees and shrubs.

Although she rarely gets them, she loves hamburgers and French fries.

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