Make friends not dating

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Users can download the app and create a profile, and within seconds, the platform matches you up with other users who share at least one activity that you enjoy.You’ll have the freedom to swipe through matches, message who you’re interested in, and create events that others can connect with.Whether you’re looking for a new BFF or someone to walk your dog with, you’ll quickly discover that there’s always someone who wants to connect with like-minded people. *Disclaimer* - Before meeting online strangers in person, be sure to run them through a Truthfinder check to make sure they don't have a violent criminal history.

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If you want make friends online, the best way to do it BLINDMEET app, I would highly recommend the app and the recommendations come from personal experiences. it gets better you don’t have to go on date, they have options like ‘networking’, ‘friendship’ that you can choose and they will match you with people who have given the same preferences.It’s also worth mentioning that your profile will not show up on the dating end when you’re searching in BFF mode.Friender is basically the Tinder of the friendship world.NONE of your personal details are shared unless after meeting the person, both of you want to go forward and keep in touch. I have met my flatmate through the app, both of us were new to the city and in search of a roommate.

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