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“What happens in your childhood stays with you,” Hobson said.“I think this [financial literacy] is one of the most pressing issues we have in America today.” Many parents, Hobson said, aren’t sure how to talk to their children about money.

By Matthew O’Rourke Mellody Hobson was mortified when the lights went out in her childhood home.

Hobson and her husband, renowned “Star Wars” film director and art collector George Lucas, wanted to place their museum of narrative arts on Chicago’s lakefront.

Then-Mayor Rahm Emanuel would have essentially given them the land for their self-funded 0 million project.

Because she didn’t have a lot of resources and she was extravagant at the same time, money was always an issue for my family and me personally…

I always had this deep, gnawing need for security and control because of that.” Hobson made a promise to herself to educate herself about finance and to never be in that position when she was older.

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