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Pelhank, the first police officer to arrive at the scene, found Taylor lying, still alive, in the middle of the intersection of Grape and Plum streets, with another person, Thomas Ieroy Gott, trying to take care of him.

At that time, Pelhank said, Bridges approached him from his home, located on the corner near the intersection, about one block north of the Dorris Heights Methodist Church.

Pelhank interviewed a number of people at the scene and at the Saline County Jail, as well as Sanders, who was interviewed at the hospital.

Saline County Coroner Wendell Lambert also testified at the hearing, stating that an autopsy performed by a Dr.

He saw Bridges slap Taylor’s hand, and Taylor respond by slapping Bridges in the face.

Taylor then put his hands up and backed off, saying “I will not fight you.

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Harrisburg Assistant Police Chief Dee Pelhank testified at the preliminary hearing of John Clark Bridges that Bridges and Danny Taylor Jr..

At first questioning, Pelhank said, “I had no indication that a crime had been committed.” BACK ON THE SCENE, Sanders came down the street, assisted by Winifred Moss.

Pelhank advised Moss to take Sanders to the hospital.

Harrisburg officer Mike Herron arrived in the home then.

Irater, under cross-examination by Bridges’ attorney, Bruce Stewart, Pelhank said Bridges was not read his rights until he was being questioned at the Saline County Jail.

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