Mmf adult chat

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Seizing the moment I plunge my own cock into her mouth and start to pump her.She mumbles a complaint, but I am too carried away and continue to slide in and out allowing her saliva to lubricate my 6 1/2 inches.My motions are causing me to hit K's chin and she is bending her head down trying to catch the head of my cock in the "Oh" of her mouth.We carry on for a few more minutes, and then it begins.I begin to harden as I lean forward and begin to massage the outer lips of K's pussy with my nose taking in all the smells and aromas.

After a few chit chat rounds D suggested getting a room for ourselves and we both agreed.

With K's motion bobbing up and down on D I only have to hold my tongue out and K's pussy moves over it.

As things start to heat up I start to move my tongue in circular motions about K's now exposed clit and I hear muffled groans of pleasure as her mouth is otherwise occupied.

D is leaning back and now holding K's head trying to get her to slow but it is no good.

K is getting too carried away with her stroking, and with her own sensations from my attack, that D has no more control and yells "I am cummmming, Ohhhhhhh my god.

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