Ncsu research speed dating dating a winchester rifle

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But if you already have research opportunities within your own department, you might needn't bother.

7th Annual Undergraduate Research Speed Dat-aing Event An academic networking twist on speed dating!

Gu’s experience developing a new, painless smart insulin patch.

For this inaugural speed-dating pitch competition, UNC Lineberger contributed ,000 thanks to the support of the University Cancer Research Fund.

A series of collaboration activities including trilateral visits, short term students exchange and workshops will be planned.

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If you're in a very interdisciplinary field, it may be worthwhile. I realized I was a little too old to be there when I started offering inside info about opportunities and professors to freshmen at the same table.

Tonight Talley is holding an undergraduate research speed dating event, but I am not sure if it is really worth it for me to go.

I'm a 4th year senior who will need a 5th year because I switched majors a little late (in MEAS now).

The students particularly enjoy the high-speed cameras and the laser diagnostic methods that enable them to see inside the engine and observe the behavior of the combusting flame, suggesting how the combustion processes can be made cleaner. Fang looks for students who are hard-working and creative. Fang is an advisor who sets clear goals, works closely with his students in the lab and provides them with regular feedback. Fang is presently 1) studying spray atomization and combustion of reusable fuels (biodiesel, butanol), 2) performing fundamental work in understanding liquid break-up in two-phase flows, and 3) is developing new intelligent fuel injection technology for clean engine combustion.

Many of his advancements result from his unique strategies for the visualization of the combustion process.

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