Obsession webcam

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– just straight forward prime focus (bottom part of a barlow lens - attached to camera adaptor/ nose piece).We were fortunate to see a grazing occultation and the photon shields (clouds) stayed away JUST long enough!! Johan Moolman Pretoria, South Africa Imaging with a large aperture reflector like the Obsession is exciting.

The outside struts were also moved towards the wingtips to increase the turning potential during kiteloops and add to the stability of the new Obsession Pro MK3.

Now that freestyle has reached incredible levels of performance, a kite that not only delivers on/off feedback from the bar, but is also incredibly stable, is necessary.

Very thin shaped struts and a thin leading edge diameter not only increased stability but have also saved weight when comparing to the previous versions.

On a whim, I sent the same photo to Astronomical League earlier this year. I have yet to buy a trailer to transport the scope, but plan to at some point so that I can bring it to some truly dark skies for the first time.

I Just received the latest issue of the Reflector and was amazed they published it on the back cover. Take care - Tim Conners Hi Dave Talking about having fun – the 18 inch Obsession Canon DSLR (7D and 5D) – no stacking etc.

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