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Lose any distractions (sunglasses, silly headgear, martinis) and have your face and upper body fill ¾ of the frame. Most smartphones these days have photo-editing tools built in, or you can download an app like Camera or VSCO Cam if you're really picky. Increase the brightness, decrease the contrast, or increase the saturation. Just make sure you don't go overboard—many photo experts recommend making your changes, then toning them down by half.

If I've learned nothing else from my years on TV, I've learned this: Know your lighting and know your angles (more on that in a minute). Think of something that makes you laugh, or say a one-syllable word ("yes" works well) to keep those lips perky.

If you've ever wondered why your online-dating inbox seems a little empty, it might just be in need of a mini makeover.

Many of the most "obvious" additions to your profile might not be selling your fabulosity quite like they could be.

"People overestimate the value of these," says Katz. And while they're true, they're also pretty useless." Katz says you need make like a ninth-grade English student and show, don't tell.

If you love nature, take an outdoor candid on your next hike.

If you're career-focused, arrange a background-free professional headshot.

"Think, here's what you're going to get from the product, and you show that through highlighting your core characteristics." What makes you a potential amazing GF? Show your potential date through storytelling, like how you're looking for a willing taste-taster so you can tweak your famous cookie recipes.

While your profile should be fun and cheeky over uber-professional, leave confessions out.

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