Oprah and obama dating

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The family of four occupied their tight quarters within a bungalow, shared with relatives.

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So the girls help set the table, they help bring the food out, they work with the butler staff, and they're in the kitchen laughing and making their toast in the morning." When Oprah asked Michelle Obama in 2009 if her love for Barack had deepened since they had begun the presidency, she replied, "Absolutely.In February 2010, Obama launched "Let's Move," an initiative challenging all of America to raise healthier kids."The physical and emotional health of an entire generation and the economic health and security of our nation is at stake," Obama said."This isn't the kind of problem that can be solved overnight, but with everyone working together, it can be solved." ."Today we have seen changes, improvements in the school lunches. It's just been a real culture shift." To celebrate, she popped on a cardigan, and got her mom-dance on with Jimmy Fallon.

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