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In order for Rad Grid to work properly, it is very important to build the grid structure correctly. When you create the structure using the designer (in Visual Studio) there is less of a chance that mistakes will be made. It is still your responsibility to properly construct a data source object and assign it to the Rad Grid's Data Source property.Important: You should never call the Rebind () method in a Need Data Source event handler.However, many users might encounter themselves in a situation where you can take action on any given element and you wish to update the information being displayed on-screen to correspond to the action you’ve taken on the datasource.The big problem that occurs at this point is that on each ‘postback’ (you can do async calls too but the principle is the same) the groups that were collapsed and expanded all default back to their original condition which could result in a frustrated user having to re-collapse groups to get back to the view they had configured.You should never call Data Bind () as well when using advanced data binding through Need Data Source .

You can create the Rad Grid instance and the grid structure in the Page. Then the instance of Rad Grid is added to the controls collection of the Page. Need Data Source = new Grid Need Data Source Event Handler(this. This is unlike the Rad Tree View control which supports different number of sub-items on each level - the equivalent in thiscase is Rad Tree List control that allows you to have variable number of nested sub-tables in each level. Item Data Bound and Item Created event handler allows you to manipulate the controls and the values of each cell in Rad Grid. This means that with standard hierarchy, in each level of hierarchy, all items will have an equal number of details tables (one orseveral in the same level).Select Command = New Sql Command("SELECT Customer ID, Company Name, Contact Name, Contact Title, Address FROM Customers", conn) Dim my Data Table As New Data Table conn. The grouping functionality of the Ajax control Rad Grid from Telerik is probably one of its most attractive features.

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