Restore iphone without updating cydia Chat live room adults

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The lack of compatibility means that if you actually go through with the process you might get stuck in a consistent boot loop by the installation process of the Cydia Eraser.

This will likely cause in you having to restore the device via i Tunes which will possible force install the latest version of i OS.

Essentially, all of these weren’t all done at that point and this half way stage of things wasn’t giving Jay any solace.

So he remarked that this tool might remind some of a tool called i LEX RAT, which was an old app that was compatible with i OS 4 though i OS 6, as well as Semi- restore. However, Saurik claimed that this tool was completely different when the tool finishes, the damaged or lost files will be repaired (back to Apple stock) and your i Phone, i Pad or i Pod touch model will no longer be jailbroken.

Well, then you must’ve remembered Saurik’s Cydia Eraser which allows the user to unjailbreak their device on the same firmware and then start from scratch without having to update to the latest un-jailbreakable version of i OS.

As you already know, Cydia Eraser is meant to entirely remove the i OS jailbreak.

Originally, Cydia Eraser was made public under the name , as a “un-jailbreakable device” And this was slated to be a feature of the full tool and the mobile implementation of this tool was built from the same codebase.

If you are jailbroken and is sitting in i OS 10, it’s better that you stay away from installing Cydia Eraser.

This is till you hear a word from Jay that it is completely compatible with i OS 10.

So now, you can re-jailbreak the device anytime you want.

In addition to all this, Cydia Eraser includes the following benefits. During the process, your device will reboot several times. Now you have a fresh device with the same i OS version running before restore. Well, let’s take a look as to where the Cydia Eraser tool stands today for the jailbreak community.

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