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Kramer is struggling to get a vacuum out of the closet.

Over the course of nine seasons, flings were flung, suitors were gossiped about, and one man was judged on whether or not he was “sponge-worthy.” All told, we saw about thirty of Elaine’s suitors onscreen. However, upon closer examination, it’s more complicated than that.

: He's an ultra-religious guy who gets offended by her accidental nip slip in the company Christmas card photo.

Photo: NBC Jake Jarmel Actor: Marty Rackham First Appearance: S5, "The Sniffing Accountant" What’s The Deal With This Guy?

As you’ll see by clicking through the gallery below, Elaine might have had many men over the course of Jerry Seinfeld Actor: Jerry Seinfeld First Appearance: S1, "The Seinfeld Chronicles" What’s The Deal With This Guy? He's a stand up comic, serial dater, and Elaine's best friend.

The two are officially broken up when the show starts, but sleep together a few times in early seasons.

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