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These little credit adder programs are usually equipped with malicious codes. – Download malware directly – Open a back door to your computer.So after downloading and installing it basically the hackers can do anything on your PC. They can install various malware, and they can launch attacks from your computer in the background without your knowledge. – They can install keyloggers or they can encrypt all your hard drives and then blackmail you for extra money to unlock your hard drives.By clicking on those ads and even by merely watching them (as some pre-rolls for video ads are pay-per-view, not based on clicks), the fraudsters will be earning money.

So there are a lot of variations on this type of abuse, but the This site is also shiny and promises a lot, but basically it worthless.

We have to start with the types of the hacking websites. ) that if they enter their original Chaturbate credentials they get extra credits for free. So why would you give away your Chaturbate login details?

Why is it worth it for them to run such scam operations?

Most hacker / credit generator sites have 2 aims that we know of.

First, to monetize users, to make the most money of their visits on the site; and second, to collect as much personal and sensitive information of the visitors as possible.

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