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If you're a woman looking for men actually you can do itthe advice on societies is've just got to be in a position to meet new people and one of them may be the lucky girl :).If he wasn't so self-hating with family issues it might've worked out! My problem is everyone assumes i am straight and i'm not very good at broadcasting otherwise.

Very good looking, funny and got on well with all my friends.The LGBT Society (now Q, whatever that means) seems a bit political and tbh i'm uncomfortable being lumped in with people who have 'gender identity' issues. I'm a decent looking bloke I think and am a pretty confident speaker with a bit of intelligence, but i'm worrying that my ex was a fluke.My mates have been completely cool with it, but i could never introduce them to a big queen. I'm a student in Manchester, 2nd year (well first, took year out).It needs to be someone that can get on with them like I can. I'd recommend posting in the TSR LGBT soc thread - we've got many regular posters on there, including a few that probably know a thing or two about Manchester.My housemate's gay in Manchester and has quite a lively love life with fairly regular guys.

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