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At the end of most rebounds, you get at least one broken heart and a pair of people who will ultimately continue the trend of using people to get over other people.When you aim for friendship, you can gain someone you can talk to and laugh with.

A rebound is as strong as its saddest member, meaning that a relationship built on a foundation of heartbreak is bound to be fruitful, fulfilling, and depressing.Seriously, this is not your run-of-the-mill, Netflix-on-Friday-and-going-home-early-on-Saturday relationship. a chance to really find yourself and discover who you are while some poor sap watches.Seriously, treat the rebound with respect, but use the relationship as a chance to discover what you can and can't do in the company of others.After a whole 18 months, the Cosmopolitan Yogurt was taken off the shelves, leaving probably a mere 0.001% of the population disappointed, and a lot of high-up Cosmopolitan executives quite embarrassed.After this monumental failure, Cosmopolitan came to a simple conclusion that they should stick with what they’re good at, like “what men want”, “what to wear” and “love and astrology”…. In all the Cosmopolitan magazines I’ve buried my head in over the last few years, there has never been any mention of sex tips or feature articles using dairy, or worse, cheese and yogurt.

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