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[…]There’s nothing better than a hot cup of coffee in the morning.Women reported more intrusive symptoms than men on the Intrusive scale.

With one of the largest, most veteran local news staffs in the country, WAOK provides coverage of breaking news, local news, business, sports and entertainment.The students’ experience of distress was examined using two measures: The Stressful experience and Impact of Events Scale (IES) and the Ways of Coping (WOC).Conversely, they hypothesized that the preoccupied attachment type would experience the highest levels of distress, and would also exhibit the highest levels of psychological symptomatology. The dismissing attachment style was predicted to report the highest level of avoidant symptoms and would also be the most likely to choose distancing coping strategies.I have been chased down the street before with people yelling, "Alexis, Alexis, you're blonde now!" And I'm like, "No, my name is Sara and I've always been blonde!

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