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I think the reason why men who are not within the culture have a difficulty in approaching Somali women is mainly due to culture not "bitchness". Being a Muslim is difficult enough, but those within Horn of Africa are known for only marrying inside only their own ethnicities.

Somali's and Ethiopians are pretty much physically similar due to our history, as is Eitrea.

One guy even said, "If you want to have sex with a Somali girl, just make sure nobody is in the house and you're set".

Another example is a Half Niger/Somali girl who I'm friends with regarding my issues with exploitive, but cockteasing Somali girls, said "She shouldn't even be DATING or be in the same room as you kissing, wearing leggings, shes talking Shit".

I think I'll be adding Djibouti to the Clean House List anyhow. I can't comment on Somali girl living in the states (or elsewhere in the west), but like a lot of attitudes exhibited by various ethnic groups, their behaviour is completely relative.

Just without me" or some type of "Endless pursuit of a goal that'll-never happen-tone.

But can you tell me why second generation Somali girls find it acceptable to wear skirts and other revealing items in social dynamics when that is against Harem.

If Somali chicks are anything like Ethiopians, then good luck. But i've seen some seriously beautiful Somali's and don't even get me started on Ethiopians. Ethiopians are flat out beautiful and age gracefully...

and can you give some cliffnotes on you're experiences with them. I know Detroit has the largest Somali population in the US. Somali's have huge numbers in Minneapolis and Columbus Ohio..not ask me why... Most Somali's are muslims so right their could be an issue.

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