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On the scheduled day in November, each class came into the library and sat at tables in groups of three or four.As an opening activity, they wrote brief answers to the question, “What can you learn from reading a book about a topic you’ve never explored? Then they listened to my Google Slides/book talks presentation, using the graphic organizer to notate if their initial impressions of each book were positive or negative.So, if you are looking for breakthrough, go deeper.If you are running your own brainstorming sessions, here are a few techniques to get you there: Of course there are lots of other considerations – ways to build trust so that people can offer crazy ideas, learning how to develop ideas more effectively, helping people get more creative using other mental “excursion” material, and the like.8-Fold Path Art of problem solving branding business growth Collaborate collaboration collaborative consumer demand Consumer Insight consumer insights cool inventions Creative Problem Solving creative problem solving process creative thinking creativity Creativity & Ingenutiy Creativity Risk George Prince Giordano group dynamic Growth innovate innovation innovation and creativity Innovation Consulting innovation lab innovation training innovative innovative ideas innovative solutions innovative systems Joe Gammal Kyle Hermans leadership leadership consulting Lean Thinking Listening marketing concepts New Ideas New Product Development organizational change positive intent Problem Solving Synectics Synecticsworld Natalie Pantaleo recently appeared on @Marketing Rv and had a great conversation with them about her unique approach to #Synectics. lnkd.in/e8Qc_9c About 3 months ago from Synecticsworld's Twitter via Linked In •Bring storytelling, metaphorical thinking, visuals, emotions and pattern recognition into the spice mix.

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After brainstorming book ideas, we edited the list down to 10 titles, making sure to include topics that spanned issues, genders, and complexity.

About a year ago from Synecticsworld's Twitter via Twitter Web Client Guide for Effective Meetings •Outside perspectives (people, experiences) are particularly useful for information sharing or creative problem solving purposes.

About a year ago from Synecticsworld's Twitter via Twitter Web Client Guide for Effective Meetings Identify the right participants to engage multiple perspectives. •Need: Sponsors, Thinkers, “Experts”, Doers and Contrarians.

But using these techniques should help break some of the connections that keep us in conventional thinking and result in safe, incremental ideas.

Let these suggestions be a start to better “brainstorming” for your organization.

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