Ssis rowcount variable not updating

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Double click on it and set the following properties: On the General tab: In this case I need to add two Parameters to the Parameter Mapping tab, since I have used two question marks in my SQL Statement.Even if you are using the same Variable multiple times, you still need to enter them separately on the Parameter Mapping tab, once for each time they appear in the SQL Statement.But remember, if we work with a Read Write variable, we will have the same problem as with the Row Count component: the value of the variable is not updated until the dataflow task has finished, so in the flow it will have the initial value for every row.

As the script really is just a C# class, all we have to do is add a private variable, initialize it, increase it for every row and assign the value to the outputcolumn “Row Number”. Open your OLE DB Destination and make a mapping for the Row Number column.

Set your End Date attributes as shown, with the Scope being the name of your package.

From the Toolbox, drag an Execute SQL Task onto your Control Flow.

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