Taylor swift dating la kings

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"Hey, Stephen" is about Taylor's crush on Stephen Barker Liles, the lead singer of one of her opening acts, Love and Theft.Taylor says she texted him the night was released and said: "Hey, track five." Coincidentally, he had also written a song about Taylor called "Try to Make It Anyway."13.When Taylor wrote the song "Fifteen," she first wrote the line "Abigail gave everything she had to a boy who changed his mind," and then worked backwards from there.9."Our Song" was written for her high school talent show and not for her debut album, but she decided on a whim to include it. 1 single, and it won her Female Video of the Year and Video of the Year at the 2008 CMT Music Awards.10.The subject of "Tim Mc Graw," Drew Dunlap, has said he thought it was "cool" to be written about by Swift and the two remained friends after their breakup.31.Taylor lists her heartbeat as an instrument on 's "Wildest Dreams."32."Sparks Fly" was actually first written when she was 16 was only performed during some live shows in 2007.

After hearing the music to "Out of the Woods" from Jack Antonoff, it took Swift 30 minutes to write the lyrics.26. Taylor changed her lyrics in "Picture to Burn" from "that's fine, I'll tell mine you're gay" to "That's fine, you won't mind if I say" amid some backlash for the controversial message.30.Taylor jokingly offered to go with her friend to the ceremony to interrupt the wedding, with her guitar of course.Taylor said she later had a dream where her boyfriend married someone else and she was then inspired to write the song.21.She explained the situation to her producer Max Martin, and from there the song was born.7.She penned the song "Tied Together With a Smile" when she found out her best friend was battling bulimia.8.

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