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Sending a naked photo of yourself in 2017 doesn't need to be complicated, but with hundreds of thousands of messaging apps to choose from, deciding how to send that nude can require some thought.

Do you take to Snapchat, i Message, or Instagram DMs? We talked to two people about how they make sense of this messaging app utopia.

We're a pretty broad and encompassing app for a pretty special community. We also let you archive images, so you can send it from the cloud, if you will, as well.

I think one of the unique use cases for gay men and gay apps in particular, is that I think gay guys share nude photos. In addition to everything else that I think people will share, especially when they're getting to know each other.

Because, well, that's my body." Kaitlyn: He also said that he kind of felt like the fact that Grindr offers the photo archive is sort of a feature that enables more sharing and quicker sharing, because you don't have to go onto your phone, scroll back through your camera roll, figure out where the photo was. Do you give users any sort of warning, or a "think twice" type of thing?

You're just like, "Here's my nude bank." Or whatever. So I guess we're curious about what kind of security features, how do you think about security on that specific feature? There's no warning in any of the gay apps when it comes to actually sharing image content with other members.

That's, I think, also part of the reason why we're seeing lawmakers starting to pay attention to some of the worst case and most problematic consequences of sharing that sort of content.

I think this is as much a social issue as it is a technical issue.So you can, in addition, share a collection of photos or unshare a collection of photos based on your preference.Kaitlyn: Tinder doesn't have any photo sharing ability in messaging.That said, Scruff is unique in its ability to allow you to both share and unshare collections of your private album, so collections of photos.Scruff is also unique in that we do allow our members to unsend photos in any message if they later change their mind.

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