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This includes the various Plus, Pro, and Porsche models (I want a Porsche phone) as well, and because EMUI is so different than every other smartphone software available users will have no idea which version of Android they are running unless they look.Besides, if the things a handful of little birds are saying happen to be true, EMUI 9 isn’t going to be able to run on any hardware older than what comes in these phones.Add in whatever time your carrier needs and the final result is just about a year from its initial release. there are a handful of other Galaxy phones that have a huge regional fanbase. LG has always been a wildcard when I write this post every year.

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And we know that everyone will want it and want it as soon as possible. We want updates, we want them to be spectacular and we want them right now. About one-third of them are no-brainers, but some of the others are basically the same odds as a coin flip.So far in 2018, we’ve heard the company is going to release more phones than ever this year and that they were scaling back and had to lay off employees (in the same week, no less) so we’re not sure just what to expect in the coming months.One thing I am pretty sure of is that every one of those 2017 phones, as well as any we see in 2018, will be updated to Android Pie.but one thing I know for certain is that no matter what the phone, any updates will feel like they took too long to make it into our hands. 2016 turned out to be the year that shocked the smartphone world, in terms of sales.

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